Farmers Market
Patron COVID19 Safety Precautions:
If you are not feeling well or have recently been unwell, please stay at home.
Don’t forget to wear your masks or face covering
Touch only what you plan on buying.
Wash your hands thoroughly before and after visiting.
Be respectful of others spaces, if there is a wait for a vendor please give room between you and the person in front of you.
Please limit socializing and head to the designated Exit when you are finished shopping
Wash your fruits and vegetables when you get home, do not use cleaning products or other products not meant for consumption
Please leave your dogs and non-service animals at home, they will not be able to enter.
There will be no sampling of products, or hot prepared foods.
Booths will maintain a distance between them, because of this you may find that the vendor you are looking for is in a slightly shifted space
The tables, chairs and umbrellas will not be set-up to avoid lingering; we are asking customers to head home after purchasing their products.
There may be limits to the amount of a food product in high demand, such as eggs. Please buy only what you need, we will be back the following week!
There will be two gates open, one in the back of the lot as the entrance gate and the other as an exit only. You will not be able to enter the designated Exit. Please be kind to the volunteers.